Practically since birth i have been living in the same town - Rzeszow in south-east Poland.

 All interested in history, architecture and present time of podkarpacie region

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Kazimierz Szteliga   35-069 Rzeszow   ul.Bernardynska 6/9
This I'm and this is my QSL card

My stationary QTH to Rzeszow    locator  KO10AA

Rysunek Historyczny

Marketplace - a view of Town hall      (history picture)

Rzeszow is capital city of Podkarpacie province


Link to page Rzeszow city

     I have a degree& in electronic engineering. My hobby's besides ham-radio are computers and fishing. When hot summers arrives, i'm out in wilderness resting with family and friends, of course, this must by near on the water.

    So fishing, swimming and sunbathing, can make me forget about civilized world.  but when fish will not take a bite , sun is hiding behind clouds - i put the radio on and talk. I believe that all ham-radio operators can not live without the radio even during short vacation.

    I would even say that making calls on CW or SSB is like spending time with your family.



  How to connect  audio to transceiver

  How to connect PTT when it has not VOX

  Example - connecting FT-747

  Screenshot  DigiPan

  Screenshot  WinPSK 2.09

  Screenshot  WinPSKse 1.2

  Screenshot  RTTY

  Screenshot  Zakanaka

  Operating manual to Alan CT-145

In home with my family

Drive by the river

View by up the river

In the shade

A view to all bivouac



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